STRAND 2: Localized Education Content & Curriculum Enrichment

A/ Exam Preparation

  2. Extended classrooms (WhatsApp Group/CBT)
  3. Focused Teaching and Learning
  4. Performance Linked Incentives for strand 2A Workforce

B/ Beginners Education Model (BEM)

  1. Set attainment targets for 3-6 year old
  2. Scheme of work with Standardised Lesson plans
  3. Classroom Layout and Display
  4. Early Years Teachers Professional Development
  5. Parental Involvement
  6. Child Protection

C/ Access to key teaching/ learning resources

  1. Resource banks and cluster learning centres (3 for the Pilot Stage)
  2. Teachers Subject Guide
  3. Parental Handbook/guide
  4. Homework /Student learning pack
  5. Standardised Lesson Plan and Scheme of work
  6. OYOMESI PORTAL – EMIS ( Education Management Information System)

D/ Education Management and Administration

  1. Pupils registration, teachers registration, information sharing, calendar bookings, data processing and statistics
  2. Digital Literacy
  3. EMIS – Education Management Information System
  4. E-learning – Exam Preparation Tools, CBT – Topic Revision Tools
  5. Education events

E/ QA Framework

  1. Physical Infrastructure and Buildings
  2. Training Standards
  3. Service Standards
  4. Academic Standards
  5. School Safety Compliance Drive /Safe recruitment Checks

F    Higher Education Interventions

    • Enhanced students Access to Academic Content
    • Distance Learning Programmes
    • Centralised Registration and Payment
    • Digital Course Content
    • Functional Skills and Job competences
    • STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Scheme/programme
    • Leadership and Lifestyle skills
    • Graduate Finishing Clinics (for Enhanced Employability)
    • Vocational and Entrepreneurial Schemes
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