STRAND 1: Character Education

PRIME-OYO is a Character building initiative through leadership and mentoring programmes  under the Office of the Executive Governor of Oyo State led by the Special Adviser to the Governor on Education, Oyo State, under the OYO Model Education System Interventions (OYOMESI) scheme of the OYO State Government, targeted at empowering the youths of OYO State  through educational, psycho-social and life skills towards making them competent, ‘civil citizens who are fit to live, work and interact globally.

It is also in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable development Goal 4 which is Quality Education. Obtaining a quality education is the foundation to improving people’s lives and sustainable development. As a character education initiative, the PRIME-OYO is focused on employing alternative educational systems of mentoring, out-of-school skills acquisition, leadership & Enterpreneurial skills development, amongst others. With the overriding aim of raising competent, civil, citizens in OYO State & repositioning the state to take her place as the ‘Pacesetter’ for educational advancement, innovation and a hub for providing competent workforce for the nation budding local industries.

PRIME – OYO is thus hinged on these philosophies:


  • Ensuring that all children (boys and girls), have positive attitudes to learning and character building.
  • Ensuring that Pupils/students voices are heard in governance through periodic interactive sessions with His Excellency Senator Abiola Ajimobi who is the Grand patron of the Leadership Programme tagged PRIME –OYO.


  • Collaborating with the wider communities to inspire the youths and spur them to greater heights through Positive Role Modeling and Social Enterprises.
  • Increase significantly the number of individuals with relevant skills, including vocational and technical skills, for employment & entrepreneurial pursuits .

It is a unique programme which avails equal opportunities and open access to all young people in primary, secondary schools & tertiary institutions, both citizens and residents of OYO State.

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