OYOMESI is an acronym for Oyo State Model Education System Interventions. The OYOMESI approach in its general sense is to use short term interventional strategies & principles to find solutions for a better education system that influence the teachers, pupils, parents attitudes focus, beliefs for the pursuits of wholesome education offerings.

OYOMESI also inculcates character education, value for Integrity, honesty and respect. This holistic approach to raising attainment in education and learning will no doubt put a stop to poor academic performance and ensure the State regains it’s rightful place as a pace setter, front runner and leader in Education in Nigeria .

OYOMESI is an initiative ably led by His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Oyo State, Senator Abiola Ajimobi.

our priorties

Vision, Mission & Goals

To raise competent, civil citizens. Our essential purpose as educators and education ministry must be to equip people for the world in which they live and will live. This calls for preparing to get everyone on board the global education train (GET) and ensure that our children are not left behind, or feel inferior when they deal with their peers from the various parts of the globe. Fit to work and live in any part of the globe. For us in Oyo State, this is simply the challenge of our roles, which we intend to overcome strategically through the IMPLEMENTATION of the OYOMESI Blueprint. OYOMESI has a number of intervention strategies to bridge the gap in provision and raising academic attainments of our pupils.

To promote students’ achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering education excellence & ensuring equal access for all, through Character Education, introducing localized education contents, improving teachers competences & motivation.

» Prepare Oyo State for a knowledge-based future. » Use technology to create a participative, transparent and responsive learning environment. » Improve the quality of basic education and promote independent and lifelong learning, especially from primary to tertiary education. » Contribute to the development of a workforce equipped with the necessary skills needed for employment and use in a global competitive economy. This includes non-formal education strategy like life skills coaching & mentoring. » Ensure that education practitioners have access to appropriate Quality Assurance framework that supports delivery of outstanding academic outcomes with effective compliance, monitoring and enforcement drive to sustain its implementation. » Improve teachers’ capabilities & efficiency by instituting a CPD & performance-driven incentive programmes for all teachers in the state.


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